Bajo el Signo de la Violencia (Tribute to Masacre)
CD version 2006
Label: Hateworks, Colombia.


1 KRUEGER “Brutales Masacres”.
2 AGRESSOR “Sangriente Muerte”.
3 EPITAFIO “Imperio del Terror”
4 CRONOS “Espinas”.
5 NAMELESS “Sepulcros en Ruinas / Termonuclear”.
6 MISTICIA “Exodo”.
7 THRESHOLD END “Más allá del Dolor”.
8 TOTAL DEATH “Tiempos de Guerra”.
9 ATHANATOR “Cortejo Fúnebre”.
10 MARDRAUM “Mórbida Implosión”.
11 VITAM ET MORTEM “Ritos de Muerte”.
12 ABDOMINAL “Ole de Violencia”.
13 DEADSOUL “Wrath Intense Pain”.
14 THY ANTICHRIST “Blasfemias”.



As a celebration on his 15th anniversary (16th actually), 14 bands from different styles, from Thrash to Black Metal pays tribute to the colombian gods of Total Brutal Death Metal and one of the most respected, influential and representative latinamerican bands of all times, covering songs that made story from his entire career.
Mastered at Remasters Studio by Mike Hall, with a cover artwork by Felipe Machado and an extensive 16 pages booklet including notes from every band, this album is a must for every diehard fan of Masacre and the genre.